Where do you get your gear?

We get our gear from a variety of outlets. 
Our 3 main sources are:
  • Small and major retailers who sell us overstock, lightly used returns and display models.
  • Brands and manufactures who sell us overstock and samples.  
  • Outdoor enthusiasts, such as yourself, looking to unload extra gear.  
When can I expect my gear?
All orders will ship out within 48 hours after the payment has been received. Orders made on Friday after 5pm will ship out the following Monday. We do observe major holidays. Here you can view our shipping policy.
Do you charge sales tax?
We charge sales tax for purchases made in the sate of Utah.

If I order online can I pick up my gear in the store?
Yes! Simply click “local pickup” on the checkout screen when choosing your shipping options, you won't be charged any shipping or packaging fees

What is your international shipping policy?
We currently do  not offer international shipping
What is consignment?
We sell your gear for you, and cut you a check once your item sells! We take a 35% commission on all gear, except for bikes; which we take a capped 25% commission up to $350. If your bike sells for more than $1400 we only get $350.

How do I put my gear on consignment?
It’s as simple as walking into our store, signing our contract (found here), and pricing your gear with our gear experts. We consign on a seasonal basis; we accept winter gear September 15th until April 1st and summer gear from April 15th to September 1st. For more info about consignment, go to our Consignment Page!

How long can I leave my gear on consignment?
You may have your gear with us for the full length of the season that we are stoking, but we do not store your inventory in the off season. All your items must be picked up by our end-of-season deadline; Septermber 15th for summer gear and April 15th for winter gear. We do send reminders out, but it is your responsibility to pick up your gear. If it's still here by the dealine we assume ownership of said products to do with as we please (we usually donte it to Savers, Deseret Idustries or Habitat for
 Humanity). For more info about consignment, go to our Consignment Page!

Will my gear be discounted?
Your gear will not be lowered without your prior consent. We do have an end of season sale in the weeks leading up to the pickup deadline where all member inventory is discounted by 25%. This is a discount taken off the item's total price which you consent to by signing our Consignment Contract. For more info about consignment, go to our Consignment Page!

Is your all of your store inventory on your website?
Although that is our goal, we currently do not have all of our items on our website. Each of our three retail stores currently have over 20,000 items in stock, all at the great prices. We are working on getting everything online, but we still don't have the infrastructure to do so. 
Why do I see some of the same items listed twice for different prices?
We sell products for many different individuals and organizations.  Sometimes they will list the same products at different prices.