Bike Tunes

Run Through: $25

  • Basic Inspection of Bike
  • Torque all Bolts to spec 
  • Address any safety concerns
  • Lube chain  

Standard Tune $50

  • True Wheels
  • Adjust derailleurs and shifters 
  • Adjust bottom bracket, headset, hubs and brakes as needed
  • Lube and clean suspension
  • Clean fame
  • Lube chain 

Deluxe Tune $100 

  • Full Standard Tune Service
  • Drive train is pulled off the bike disassembled & cleaned in solvent tank.  Then reinstalled, greased and lubed for a silent and fast bike.  
  • All new cables and housing
  • Bleed Brakes if needed 

Complete Overhaul $200

  • Strip the frame of all parts
  • Overhaul bottom bracket, hubs, freewheel body and headset
  • Pull seat and clean and lube seat tube
  • All new cables and housing