Rentals and Demos

Winter Rental Program

September 4th through April 15th

For the first time, all three of our stores are offering season winter rental program of skis and snowboards. We are offering full adult and youth daily rental packages at all locations! 

Season Ski & Snowboard Rental Rates:                                    

$99.95 Jr Package                                                                                                                                     
$159.95 Adult Package      

Daily Ski & Snowboard Rental Rates:

$15.00 Jr Package
$25.00 Adult Package

Daily rentals are due back at the store from which they were picked up no later than 6 pm that same day. After 6 pm you may rent a package for the following day. 

For more info, give us a call at (801) 466-9880

Summer Rental Program

May 1st through Sep 1st

2nd tracks summer paddleboard rentals

Bike Rentals:

$45.00 Per Day (Ogden Only, Limited availability in Orem)

We offer demos of Scott Hardtail Mountain Bikes during our summer season.

Paddleboard and Kayak Rentals:

$34.00 Per Day (Ogden and Orem Only)

We offer several NRS and Boardworks paddleboards for rent at our Ogden and Orem locations during our summer season. Availablity can be limited due to high demand, luckily, you can reserve your rental and insure that you get everything you need for a great day!


Give us a call! We can be reached at (801) 466-9880, Ext #2 (Ogden) or Ext #3 (Orem)