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The store was opened in November of 2009 by Ben Johnson and Katy Jackson as a small gear consignment shop in Salt Lake City. The Mom and Pop shop's goal has always been to recycle people's unused/unwanted quality gear and get it into the hands of someone who will really use it and appreciate it.

We pride ourselves in our laid back working environment and emphasise the importance of work and play. 2nd Tracks employees are coworkers and friends who like to go on rides after work together, or rip laps on their days off. If this sounds like the type of organization that you'd like to be a part of, take a look at our available positions and fill out the contact form.


2nd Tracks Ogden Assistant Manager Job Description


** This assistant manager position emphasis will be collaborating with store manager to have the “back of the house” dialed in and running smoothly


  • Service and Rental Departments (Winter)

o   Rental Department

  • Oversees and works to improve performance, customer experience, and efficiency of rental service
  • Ensures customer’s are getting professional customer service in timely manners on appropriate equipment
  • Collaborates with Rental Manager on utilizing rental software
  • Collaborates with Rental Manager for the organization, maintenance and upkeep of all rental equipment
  • Ski Testing: abides by ski rental binding testing policies and procedures
  • Boot Testing: abides by ski rental binding testing policies and procedures
  • Accident Reports: Documents, and Organizes any accident/injury report according to binding manufactures specifications.


o   Service Department

  • Responsible for Ski Shop Performance
  • Oversees quality of services performed
  • Responsible for maintaining clean service departments
  • Counter spaces are kept free of clutter and are tidy at end of tech’s shifts
  • Floors are cleaned weekly
  • Organizes ski binding test cards throughout season
  • Ensures all are filled out property with necessary info
  • Gathers emails from customers to build email base
  • At end of ski season in banker boxes
  • Responsible for appropriate stock, care, and replacement of shop equipment
  • Wax, Irons, brushes, files, jigs, screws, drivers, etc.
  • Coordinates warranty items with contact in Warehouse
  • Trains staff on necessary procedures
  • Filling out binding cards, accepting ski tunes, etc.
  • Assists managers on getting binding certifications for staff
  • Oversees tech’s efficiency by analyzing shop productivity
  • Tunes/Shift
  • Mounts/Shift
  • Binding adjustments/shift


  • Customer Service and Member Interaction
    • Assists store manager to ensure great customer and consignor experiences
      • Oversee consignment procedures to minimize consignment errors and to increase efficiency when taking in consignments


    • Upholds 2nd Tracks high expectation for customer service
      • Leads staff by example


  • Staffing Responsibilities
    • New Hires
      • May be asked to sit in on interviews with prospective employees
    • Staff Members Training and Documentation
      • Assists store manager with training for new hires including all of the below.
        • New Hire Checklist
          • Ensures new hire competency in the tasks outlined in new hire checklist
        • Trains new hires on consignment take in procedures
          • Uses 2nd Tracks Consignment Policy as guideline for training to ensure right price and to limit taking in unsellable equipment
          • Uses pricing strategies for taking in and pricing consignment equipment
        • Trains new hires on point of sale
          • Reviews point of sale training manual
          • Identifies appropriate staff members to close/open
            • Reviews opening and closing till end of day procedures
        • Might be asked to Coordinates and schedules rep clinics at your store in fall and spring



    • Staff performance, consistency, and efficiency levels
      • Assists store manager with analyzing productivity of your work force
        • Keeps staff busy with cleaning and projects during slower times
        • Identifies periods of time when we are over staffed and addresses its
      • Lines out staff with tasks and projects during times managers are not present
      • Identifies optimum use of staff


    • Staff Discipline
      • Identifies undesirable behavior such as tardiness and no shows, and writes up staff members according to procedure manual
        • Records write ups for staff members, tracks them for employee biannual reviews, and submits forms to upper management
      • Upholds and enforces company procedures and employee policies



    • Assistant Manager Time Off Requests
      • Assistant Manager time off requests must via homebase and approved by store manager


      • Black out dates for time off
        • It is expected, as a assistant manager of the store, you will be present for all major holidays, and the time leading up to events for preparation
          • Time off requests for store assistant managers may not be approved during
            • November 20-30 and December 15-31st
            • Labor Day, Memorial Day, Presidents Day,
            • Annual Ski Swaps


If interested, please email resume to 





Special Positions Currently Available:

We are currently hiring for the 2017/18 winter season in all of our retail locations!